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About Us

INVENT UAE, since its launch in 2005, develops, produces and globally implements innovative systems to ensure a more sustainable development.

INVENT UAE takes pride in bringing innovative technology and solutions in waste water treatment, solid waste recovery, power generation, odour control systems and air quality monitoring and measurement. Our company operates in the Middle East as the exclusive commercial representative and licensed partner of world leading waste treatment and energy equipment manufacturing companies.

Additionally, INVENT UAE and its team of devoted engineers cater customized consulting services to a vast number of high profile clients to provide them with a one stop solution for their development projects.

Invent UAE thrives to establish best practices to bring cutting edge technology to the Middle East. Our company has solid partnerships with leading manufacturers worldwide and consistently provides dedicated and attentive consultancy assistance to its clients. Committing to turn waste into resources we endeavor to preserve the environment for a better and smarter way of conducting business and society’s welfare.

Our Vision

INVENT UAE aspires at becoming a leading company in environmental sustainability by introducing innovative sustainable, energy efficient technologies and partnering with global leaders in water treatment, waste recovery and power generation equipment.

Our Mission

INVENT UAE aims at providing one stop solution for waste water treatment, power generators, solid waste solutions and engineering consultancy services. Our mission is to be a leader in providing the right technologies and solutions within the waste industry in order to create a more sustainable living environment.

Why choose Invent UAE?

  • One stop solution to your environmental challenges and top notch equipment purchase
  • Innovative technology from international manufacturer that is not available in the Middle East
  • Established remarkable knowledge of the territory and patents required
  • Excellent customer service and dedication to achieve 100% client satisfaction
  • Our equipment complies with the highest standards for sustainability and energy savings
  • We are the exclusive agents for international leading manufacturers in the Middle East

Our Managing Director

Ms. Razieh Ebrahimi is the founder and managing director of INVENT UAE and Group of Companies, established in 2005. Ms. Razieh and INVENT UAE are bringing innovative environmental solutions and cutting edge equipment to the Middle East.

Under Razieh’s leadership, INVENT UAE leverages its long established knowledge of the region and established partnerships with leading manufacturing and environmental solution providers worldwide.

A career based on expertise, integrity and relationship have driven Razieh’s success, solidifying her dedication to promote sustainability are the core strength INVENT UAE, a company that is committed to make a difference to better the environment in which we live.

The world we live in is increasingly challenged by a vast spectrum of now global issues. From the exponential growth and rapid urbanization of cities, to the expectations of employment and comforts of modern living, climate change and environmental degradation, there has not been a more pressing time in history to rethink about our impact on our planet, and to act with responsibility and awareness in the way we live. At INVENT UAE we believe we have a collective social responsibility to act with informed awareness and to make a sustainable contribution towards future generations.

INVENT UAE is a Dubai based specialist in sustainable and innovative technology and turnkey solutions. We are committed to finding optimal solutions for our clients and providing them with the Optimal and best solutions available. We seek informed, tailor made solutions based on research, innovation and knowledge. We strive to exceed client’s expectations and in doing so, contribute locally to the betterment of our global community.

We believe it is in our client’s best interest that we strive to balance optimal design, engineering innovation and cost, with environmental considerations and social responsibility. We are able to advice on the most suitable solutions for the Middle East and North Africa because we understand local culture and environmental issues first hand. Our record in delivering engineering based technology solutions for government and private customers across the region speaks for itself.