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Our Markets


INVENT UAE serves the solid waste management industry by providing a variety of equipment used in solid waste sorting and processing plants. We specialize in Compost and Material Recovery Plants equipment and solutions. Our compost solutions aim at decomposing organic substances efficiently and with limited odor emissions. Our equipment will convert waste into stabile and plant-compatible humus substance. Being the exclusive suppliers of innovative equipment we guarantee the creation of a high quality product with extremely low emission levels. The equipments that INVENT UAE supplies is customized to meet clients’ requirements. We provide stationary and mobile equipment depending on the applications. Our machinery is supplied by leading manufacturing companies in the solid waste management industry.

INVENT UAE’s equipment provides flexible solutions to cater to all kind of waste management needs. Our line of organic waste machines will allow users to dispose of organic waste onsite and the output can be utilized in different applications such as: fertilizer, pellets, pets food.

INVENT UAE is the perfect ally for any your environmental challenges to turn waste into a resource.

INVENT UAE supplies top notch equipment for efficient sewage treatment plants. INVENT UAE’s unique products in the market are associated to the development and launching of the hyperboloid mixers and mixing aeration systems in the early 2005. These are highly efficient systems for the following features:

  • Intensification of mixing processes such as neutralization (dosed addition of chemicals, etc.)
  • Precipitation and flocculation in water and wastewater treatment processes.

Suspension and homogenization in biological phosphate, elimination and de-nitrification in anaerobic and anoxic tanks.

  • Mixing and aeration in swing zones or Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plants.
  • Mixing and aeration in industrial waste water treatment plants.
  • Mixing and aeration in sludge plants.
  • Mixing, suspension, homogenization and aeration of rainwater tanks, mixing and equalizing basins or storage containers.
  • Homogenization and aeration of aerobic-thermophilic sewage sludge treatment plants.

Moreover INVENT UAE is the exclusive agent for AMCON’s innovative Volute technology.

Advantages of using our partner’s revolutionary equipment:

  • Improve sludge management process.
  • Lower costs and carbon footprint. highly energy efficient with power consumption as low as 0. 2kW and water consumption as low as 224L/h.
  • Can dewater low-concentrated sludge.
  • Maintenance is minimal as the machine cleans itself utilizing rotating plates which also prevents clogging.
  • Compact design. This all in one design has inbuilt thickener, sludge storage or separate dosing facility.
  • Can manage surplus sludge from biochemical treatments, livestock wastewater, as well as oil bearing sludge from dissolved-air floatation (DAF).

INVENT UAE provides a full range of products for waste water treatment. We supply grit removal equipment:

  • Our grit chambers are designed to remove grit, consisting of sand, gravel, sanders, or other heavy solid materials that have specific gravities or setting velocities substantially greater than those of organic particles in wastewater.
  • Our two main types of grit chambers are characterized by a rectangular, horizontal flow types and aerated grit chambers. In the aerated grit chamber the organic solids are kept in suspension by rising aerated system provided at the bottom of the tank.

Our Screens are the ultimate solution to protect your downstream equipment from debris and any hazardous material.

We provide fine and micro screens for separation of fine suspended material. Our bar screens are made with resistant material, stainless or carbon steel. Our cutting edge technology will provide the following benefits:

  • Plant operations enhancement: our screens remove trash items and debris from the treatment process
  • Flexibility: wide size range of screen opening diameters from .0098” (.25 mm) to .394” (10 mm). Can be applied in any installation conditions any flow rate any bar spacing.
  • Robust stainless steel (304 or 316) construction
  • Low rational speed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Self cleaning
  • High capture rate
  • Robust stainless steel (304 or 316) Construction

Our company provides Valves complying with the highest standards in efficiency and sustainability. Two main categories of valves are provided:

  1. ON-OFF valves – valves that open and close a flow within a pipe
  2. Regulating valves- valves which regulate within the pipe

Some of the main advantages of purchasing our valves:

  • Environmental friendly
  • Quality control Green Valves for the Power, Desalination, Water, Oil and Gas industries
  • Flexibility: broad range of applications

Whatever the challenge or requirement in waste water we have the right equipment.

INVENT UAE provides membrane technology systems to produce high-purity water, purify water for reuse and create fresh water from the world’s oceans.

In addition INVENT UAE Provides reliable reverse osmosis (RO), deionization (DI), microfiltration (MF), and Nano filtration (NF) membrane products and components. INVENT UAE supplies top notch Water Desalination Systems for removal of soluble salts from any water source to render it suitable for drinking, commercial and industrial use and agricultural applications. The system process may include reverse osmosis filtration, electro dialysis, ion exchange and distillation treatment protocols. System selected is based on water source, capacity requirement and available support facilities.

INVENT UAE offers the latest power generation solutions to a wide range of markets and applications. INVENT UAE is the exclusive regional supplier of Diperk generators (Perkins engines). Diperk generators are designed, engineered and manufactured to high British standards and guarantee excellent performance, efficiency and reliability. Our generators can be supplied open, canopied or containerized.

INVENT UAE also brings new and innovative technologies to the field of odour measurement ranging from an integrated and stationery air quality monitoring stations to portable personal gas monitors serving different sectors such as municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, to municipal solid waste recycling facilities and even for health and safety sectors.

INVENT UAE offers solutions not only in measuring and monitoring water and air quality but also in detecting leakages for both air and water containment.

Water Loss Management
Nowadays, water industries are faced with challenges of keeping utility costs low while continuing to provide a full water supply service to customers. We help address the industries’’ need to continuously monitor their pipe network for any water leaks and reduce any water loss. Furthermore, they must dig the leaked pipes accurately to repair the broken water pipes. All of these challenges are also faced with minimum resources, on-site safety, and efficient use of their time. Thus, Invent UAE introduces the water leak detection equipment.

Leak Detection and Repair
Gas leaks are not easily identified and noticed. Different types of gases are present in various industries or waste treatment facilities. Even a small leakage for a short time can have adverse effects on the environment and people’s health. In line with this, the company offers devices to help improve the productivity and safety of a walking/mobile survey.

We provide samplers but not limited to detecting methane without false alarming on other gases (highly advanced technology); and a portable, intrinsically safe natural gas measurement sampling system having a flow rate of up to 10.5 cfm allowing you to completely capture most gas leaks.

Sewer Inspection Cameras
Invent UAE provides sewer inspection cameras with the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from 1 inch up to 8 inches in diameter.

Utility Locators
Invent UAE distributes Vivax-Metrotech locators used to locate and pinpoint the position of buried pipes and cables and ferrous metal locators to water industries whether private or municipal facilities.