Solid Waste

INVENT UAE serves the solid waste management industry by providing a variety of equipment used in solid waste sorting and processing plants. Customized to meet clients’ requirements, this equipment is stationary and mobile depending on the applications.

In the Solid Waste Market INVENT UAE provides all range of equipment for an efficient Material Recovery Facility:

  1. Feeding products
  2. Mobile products
  3. Screening products
  4. Sorting products
  5. Post production products

1.1 Solid Belt

Solid BeltUtilized in the waste reception area to feed material to a recycling plant for further processing. The heavy duty hopper feeder conveyors that INVENT UAE provides are designed for feeding large quantities of waste material evenly and consistently to a material recovery facility. Modular in design they can be extended or shortened to suit changing waste stream requirements.
With a host of design options available our belt feed hoppers are extremely well built to accommodate everything from heavy C&D material to bulky light waste.

1.2 Pan Feeder

Vibrating pan feeders are utilized in a waste reception area to feed heavier, more aggressive construction and demolition materials to a recycling plant for further processing. Our partner’s heavy duty vibrating pan feeders are designed for feeding large quantities of waste material evenly and consistently to a material recovery facility. Modular in design they can be extended or shortened to suit changing waste stream requirements.

pan feeder

1.3 Bag OpenerBag Opener

Utilized in the waste reception area of a Materials Recovery Facility to rip open or split bags typically found in municipal household waste. Once emptied the contents are metered evenly onto a conveyor for onward screening and manual or optical sorting.

Pre Shredder1.4 Pre Shredder

Used for shredding municipal solid waste (MSW), bulky waste, industrial waste and commercial solid waste. By reducing waste material to a homogenous coarse or medium-coarse fraction, downstream processes such as screening, NIR-separation, sorting, magnetic and air separation and secondary shredding result in an overall more efficient process.

2.1 Mobile Trommel Screen

Mobile Trommel ScreenThe T620 tracked Trommel sets new standards in drum screen reliability, flexibility and ease of service. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance across a number of applications. The result is a truly versatile machine that is ideally suited to contractors and operators who wish to quickly and effectively screen a wide range of materials across multiple sites using a single heavy duty Trommel. The T620 drum screen is ideal for multiple application use across a spectrum of heavy and light, coarse and fine materials including composting, biomass, soil, sand and gravel, construction and demolition waste and commercial and industrial waste.

2.2 Mobile Sorting / Picking Station

Mobile SortingOur partner’s MPS 1200 Mobile Picking Station has been designed for contractors or operators who require fast on-site and on-the-road mobility in order to efficiently carry out their waste processing and recycling operations to accommodate demand.

Enables clients to:

  • Benefit from a valuable, clean end product at source
  • Maximize the value of recoverable products whilst reducing the amount of material going to landfill
  • Enjoy class leading levels of set-up, operator comfort and safety, in any environment

2.3 Mobile Recycling Station

MOBILE RECYCLING STATIONThis equipment is a complete recycling plant in one self-contained mobile unit. Completely site and road mobile, the M512 recycling station is ideal for the following waste operators:

  • Start-up waste operators wishing to recover waste by mechanical means without the larger capital investment involved in static plant
  • Lower volume waste producers
  • Operators wishing to process waste at multiple sites.

The M512 unit is completely self-contained with its own diesel gen-set and features a belt feed hopper, trommel screen, blower, 3-bay sorting station and overband magnet. The benefits of this Mobile Recycling Station include:

  • Ability to screen fines, recover lights and   recyclables, clean hardcore and recover metals in one unit
  • Single transport movement compared to other mobile options.
  • Can be located in sites where space is at a premium

2.4 Mobile Air Density Separator

Mobile Air Density SeparatorAir Density Separator has been designed to efficiently separate waste input into two fractions, heavy and light, using the latest innovation in air separation technology.

Separating these fractions, typically sized between 10 – 150mm, allows the creation of quality products. Cleaned heavy products can be transferred for onward recycling use whilst lighter materials such as paper and cardboard can be used as a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) product. The KDS greatly reduces the amount of material sent to landfill, delivering considerable savings in areas where landfill taxes are high.

2.5 Air Density Separators / Windshifters

Air density separation or wind shifting is a method of separating waste based on the density of material using the principles of controlled air. The input material is separated into two fractions varying from light to heavy. Density separation is used as a method of separating or cleaning within Construction and Demolition, Commercial and Industrial or Municipal Solid Waste environments.

The density of the separators we supply feature a combination of twin recirculation fans, a separation area with rotating drum and an expansion chamber. The KDS 1500 is a closed loop system which greatly reduces the volume of dust created. The ability to adjust the direction and power of both the blowers and the accelerator feeder belt allows for much greater control and therefore better separation rates compared to conventional air blowers.

Automated Optical Sorting2.6 Automated Optical Sorting

Optical sorting is a high tech sensor-based method of sorting waste. This automated method of sorting delivers clean material fractions at significantly higher recovery and purity rates when compared to traditional manual methods of sorting, resulting in increased value for your material fractions.

METAL SEPARATION2.7 Metal Separation

Metal separation is a critical process within a Materials Recovery Facility. Firstly, it involves the separation of a high value commodity product. Secondly, its removal is important for the effective operation of downstream activities such as secondary shredding, optical sorting and RDF production

3.1 Trommel Screen

TROMMEL SCREENA trommel is a rotating cylindrical screen used to separate materials by size. Material is fed into a trommel and passes over a series of screens containing specific hole sizes. The fines pass through the screen apertures, while the oversize is discharged out of the end of the drum.

Selecting the right trommel for your needs is extremely important. Failure to select the appropriate trommel can result in poor separation rates, inefficiency and excess running costs. At INVENT UAE, we ensure you get exactly the right trammel for your facility.

We offer a wide range of trommels, with screen lengths and diameters to suit all application and processing requirements, together with an extensive range of trommel options including support structures, drum configurations, punched plate and screen mesh media, scrolls, knives and lifters.

3.2 Flip Flow Screen

flip flow screenFlip Flow screens are designed to effectively screen difficult (sticky or wet) material to an infinite variety of sizes.

Within the structure of the Flip Flow screen the relative movement of both screening frames creates a ‘trampoline effect’ for the screening mats. This rigorous action loosens up the most difficult to treat materials and prevents blinding. Flip flow screens are highly effective for the processing of skip waste fines, trommel fines, compost, aggregate or waste wood processing. Our partners provide class leading Flip Flow screen technology into our Materials Recovery Facilities.

3.3 Waste Screen

Waste screens are typically used for the effective screening of bulky waste within the size range 20 to 300mm. At INVENT UAE we incorporate the finest leading waste screens into our Materials Recovery Facilities. Our partners provide us with the best Waste Screen technology by Spaleck, one of the leading German manufacturers worldwide. The Spaleck waste screen is a vibrating screen with a circular motion driven by a three-phase AC motor.

The impact area is equipped with a blind-bottom which avoids the blocking of material and ensures a good volume flow as well as increasing the life of the screening elements.

3.4 Combi Flip Flow ScreenCOMBI FLIP FLOW SCREEN

Designed for the highly effective screening of difficult material (sticky or wet materials). It comes in a wide variety of separation cuts, from 0.2mm to 120mm. The 3D upper deck screen segments are arranged to form a cascade, preventing long pieces from passing into the mid size material. As a result the material feed can be optimally loosened up and turned over.

Within the structure of the Flip Flow screen the relative movement of both screening frames creates a ‘trampoline effect’ for the screening mats. This rigorous action loosens up the most difficult to treat materials and prevents blinding.

BALLISTIC SEPARATOR3.5 Ballistic Separator

Ballistic separators are designed for sorting and separating 2D material e.g. paper, plastic, film, card from 3D material e.g. plastic bottles, containers, wood. Material is broken down into a rolling, flat and sieved fraction. The lighter 2D material travels upwards in the direction of the paddles whilst the heavier 3D material bounces or rolls back; thus creating a line of 2D and 3D fractions for further processing. Fine particles are screened through the paddles

3.6 Disc ScreensDISC SCREENS

Disc screens separate material by allowing smaller fractions to fall through the spacing of the discs while the large fractions travel along the top of the discs to a predetermined location.

A disc screen can be designed to suit a range of applications and a variety of materials by varying the distance between the discs, the speed of rotation and the angle of the screen. The screen can be configured in sections so that different sizes of material can be processedat different stages along the screen allowing for further separation according to size.

3.7 Glass Breaker ScreenGLASS BREAKER SCREEN

A glass breaker screen has 2 deck star screens and it’s designed for breaking and screening the glass fraction in a waste stream. For breaking the glass the first deck is supplied with shafts with steel flower stars. The flower stars are made from very wear resistant Hardox steel and have a diameter from 330 mm.

3.8 Manual Sorting / Picking

MANUAL SORTING-PICKINGManual sorting or picking involves operatives removing selected items of recyclable waste from a conveyor belt and placing it into a storage bay/bin. Sorting can take place in an open air environment or in enclosed sorting cabins or picking stations

INVENT UAE ergonomically designed cabins allow operators to quickly, safely and comfortably recover the maximum number of products from the sorting line. Stations are built to suit individual client and application needs. Additional bays can be added at a later date as demand increases. A variety of support frame and bay options are also available depending on site requirements.

3.9 Conveyors

Conveyors-00Conveyors ensure the smooth transition of waste material through a materials recovery facility. Available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and speeds they are a key component in the effective recovery of recyclable materials.

The conveyors supplied by our partners will ensure absolute strength and ease of maintenance. Modular in design they can be easily extended, shortened, integrated, or retrofitted. The robust build quality allows the conveyor sections to be used in any waste stream, from heavy duty C&D waste MRFs to dry mixed recycling. If optimum strength, long life, maximum uptime and ease of maintenance are important then we have the right waste industry conveyor solution for you.

OVERBAND MAGNETS3.10 Overband Magnets

Overband magnets are designed for the continuous removal of ferrous metal such as steel from a product stream. The overband magnet is suspended above the feed line. As the ferrous metal passes under the magnet it is lifted out of the product feed and swept out of the magnetic field to a discharge point by cleared overband magnets. Depending on the application, permanent or electro magnets can be utilized.

EDDY CURRENT SEPARATORS3.11 Eddy Current Separators

Eddy Current Separators (ECS) are designed to separate non-ferrous conducting metals such as aluminum, copper and magnesium from a given waste or product stream.

4.1 Post Shredder

PPOST SHREDDERost shredders are used to refine the fraction size of pre shredded MSW and C&I waste, to produce SRF and RDF which can be burned in power stations and cement kilns in replacement of fossil fuels.

SRF producers need to guarantee a refined and homogenous particle size, even more-so than RDF manufacturers who in comparison tend to require a rougher shred with a less specific fraction requirement. Post shredders can also be used to size individual products for reprocessing, such plastics and wood.

COMPACTOR4.2 Compactor

Compactors are used to compress loose waste material into containers, thus maximizing the amount of waste available for dispatch whilst reducing the uplifts of containers.

baler4.3 Baler

Balers are used to turn large quantities of waste into homogenous bales. They are typically used to bale a wide range of dry recyclables including cardboard, paper, plastics, PET bottles, foil, aluminium cans and fibrous materials such as cotton or wool Compressing the waste makes it easier to transport, opening up wider markets for your recyclable materials. Baled waste also presents less of a fire risk.

4.4 Wrapper

Stretch film wrapping technology offers a safe and cost-efficient way to store and transport baled RDF and SRF as well as other waste and industrial materials Well baled and packaged products will effectively withstand weather conditions, transport and storage.


SHREDDER4.5 Shredder

Our shredder is the ultra resistant solution to uneven shredding. Since the gap between the counter comb and the drum can be adjusted it is possible to control the output particle size with precision. Maintenance is also made easy as the counter-comb can be folded away entirely to make the shredding area accessible. Transportation of all mobile variants is possible without special authorization. The machine can be taken from the transport position into the working position immediately. Mobility on site is made easy by using mover or towing device options.[/su_expand]

INVENT UAE has brought to the MENA region the best solution and equipment for organic, green and domestic waste management. Our partners’ equipment will convert organic substances into stabile plant compatible hummus and produce a high quality product within short rotting period and with reduced emissions.
We provide 3 different types of window turners and 1 universal mixer for an efficient and sustainable compost facility

Windtrow Turners

Created with the clients‘ perspective in mind this new generation of the Topturn (number one turner used in compost) offers best performance while increasing convenience and efficiency. The latest emissions standards are complied with by using a 242 kW engine and the new cooling system maintains the perfect temperature notwithstanding the heavy loads and high outdoor temperature. Main advantages:

  • Durability: its large dimesioned turning drum guarantees high throughput and complete mixing
  • Maintenance ease: body equipped with ladders and platforms
  • User friendly: more in cabin space and new intuitive controls
  • Performance: Diesel engine with 242 kW
  • Windrow cross section: up to 7.8 m²
  • Throughput: up to 4000 m³/h

2. Triangular Windrows

This turner is suitable for the most demanding applications due to its strength and stability: hydraulic drive combined with a solid telescopic frame allows full mobility on any ground. The large drum combined with its conveyor and thrower blades combined with the powerful drive enable the turner to generate the optimal windrow that ultimately will deliver ideal rotting conditions. Benefits include:

  • Durability: its large dimesioned turning drum guarantees high throughput and complete mixing
  • Optimum use of space: due to the lateral displacement of the device.
  • User friedly: transportation and access are simplified by swiveling cab.
  • Performance: Diesel engine with 242 kW
  • Windrow cross section: 8.5 m²
  • Throughput: up to 4000 m³/h

3. Triangular Windrows

Engineering excellence delivered this top performing turner to accommodate demanding applications. Sturdy, buckle resistant design maximize performance efficacy even with the heaviest materials. Main benefits:

  • More control: the operator is in control of the turning performance of the turner.
  • Strength: the machine is equipped with up to 446 HP and a Caterpillar engine.
  • Sustainability: The cooling system and hydraulic system keeps the machine sustainable despite high temperatures.
  • Efficiency: turning and rotting process is accelerated by a large, powerful hydraulic drive drum and efficient conveyor.
  • Performance: Diesel engine with 328 kW
  • Windrow cross section: 10.5 m²
  • Throughput: up to 5000 m³/hwith 4 mixing screws

Universal Mixer

MashmasterMixer: The rotting process is optimized with wet organic waste and woody structural material and various aggregates being transformed by the general purpose Mashmaster screw mixer into an output mixture. Rugged tools on the screws provide unraveling, shredding and homogenization. Benefits include:

  • Flexibility: shredding and mixing are homogeneous
  • Cost effective: less energy consumption
  • Durable: Wear-resistant tools and tray with interchangeable base
  • User friendly: automated mixing ratio by using electronic scale
  • Performance: 2 x 75 kW
  • Throughput: up to 55 m³/h
  • Hopper with 4 mixing screws

organic waste machines

This cutting edge equipment is the perfect solution to achieve more efficient waste management operations and was created for commercial applications ranging from hospitals and hotels to supermarkets and schools. This innovative technology allows users to dispose of their organic waste on site. This outstanding technology will provide the following benefits:

  • Save on disposal charges
  • Avoid bad odor coming from stored organic food
  • Improve hygiene standards
  • Produce extra revenue streams coming from sale of the machines’ output
  • Save on space dedicated to store food waste
  • Increase sustainability of your business

Our organic machines will:

  • Reduce the size of the original waste by up to 90% (volume) and 80% (weight).
  • Utilize a close loop and patented process to dry food waste reducing it into a thin powder.
  • Handle organic waste ranging from 30kg to 600 kg per cycle.
  • Smooth your organic waste disposal process, they are user friendly, easy to install and no kind of enzyme needs to be added.
  • Ensure solid quality with its UNI EN ISO certifications