3D Wall Panels


Invent UAE has introduced the most innovative, cost efficient and sustainable 3D wall and slab panels to the UAE market. The 3D panels are designed and engineered to address the construction industry which is continuously looking for energy efficient, sustainable, and durable construction materials.

The 3D panels consist of an EPS core sandwiched between two plane-parallel welded wire mesh sheets (cover meshes) and inclined diagonal wires. A cost-efficient construction system based on industrially prefabricated 3D panels. A lightweight, three-dimensional truss system with a high inherent stiffness. Suitable for achieving ESTIDAMA and LEED rating

Benefits :

  • A Sustainable material that can be used for both load bearing and non-load bearing structures
  • High thermal insultation resulting in energy saving through efficient MEP design
  • Creates monolithic structures
  • Fire resistant with 3-hour rating
  • Simple installation process and does not require special tools
  • Light weight systems that require smaller foundation, hence reducing foundation cost.
  • Cost efficient construction systems
  • Reduces the construction time drastically
  • High durability and long life for the structures.
  • Unique Design opportunities
  • Provides sound insulation depending on the density of the wall