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We make a sustainable contribution towards future generations

Invent UAE pledges to revolutionize industrial and business practices through integration of sustainable solutions. Since the inception of our company in the year 2005, our aim is to transform core business operations through sustainable practice.

Invent UAE is one of the largest suppliers of advanced and innovative equipment for wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, power generation, odor control and air quality management. We provide sustainable building materials for construction projects that aid in increasing energy efficiency by providing higher thermal insulation for the building envelope. We assist with customized equipment development to help industries set up a tailored sustainable solution.

Our main goal is to bring innovative technology to the Middle East and reduce environmental impacts. We are one of the biggest suppliers of the best energy efficient and sustainable industrial equipment with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint. We are a commercial and licensed trading company for sustainable equipment and machinery purchase from manufacturers across Europe and America. We provide equipment to industries and companies across the Middle East to integrate sustainable practices, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce threat to the planet.


Our Vision

Invent UAE thrives to implement sustainable, innovative, and eco-friendly practices to various industries and processes in the region. With our expertise and constant innovation, our vision is to create a green ecosphere and reduce the release of industrial pollutants into the environment. We aspire to become one of the leading companies in promoting environment sustainability through advanced waste management, air pollution detection and control systems, wastewater treatment plants, energy efficient building materials and technologies, introducing energy efficient technologies and installation. Our vision is to cater to a broad spectrum of sustainable and compliance technology to help industries adhere to environmental regulation guidelines and standards practices.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to reduce environmental impacts and incorporate sustainable practices in industries. Our mission is to help industries and municipal corporations reduce carbon footprints by adopting sustainable practices. INVENT UAE broadly provides tailored solutions for wastewater treatment, solid waste management & treatment, odor control & air quality monitoring and energy efficient building materials.

Since 2005

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INVENT UAE wants to create a remarkable change as a commercial supplier of machinery and equipment that promotes sustainable practices.


Our Story

At Present, we are the trusted company of the Middle East market in terms of innovation and sustainability.