Water Treatment


Invent UAE provides membrane technology systems to produce high-purity water, purify water for reuse and create fresh drinkable water.

Reverse Osmosis Plants

The Reverse Osmosis Plant is to cater to the stringent process requirements for Industrial, Municipal and Domestic applications. Our industrial reverse osmosis plants are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from normal drinking application to the specific usage, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and boiler feeding requirement. Our wide range of industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants can be customized on the client requirement and have already carved a niche in the industry.

Benefits :

  • Cleaner, safer water for drinking and cooking
  • Better taste and smell
  • Reduced contaminants (Chlorine, lead, mercury, bacteria and more)
  • Less sediment (rust, sand, and other particles)
  • Reduced waste from plastic bottles