Solid Waste Handling Equipment


INVENT UAE has expertise in providing equipment or technologies which helps in the management of different types of solid waste. We assist in delivering efficient solid waste management by providing a wide range of equipment for sorting and processing solid waste. Each equipment is customized based on the requirements of the client. We have expertise in both stationary and mobile MRF (material recovery facility), advanced solid waste management plants which helps n sorting, separating, and recycling solid waste.

Construction & Demolition Plant

C&D plant is built to perform under the harshest of conditions. With our robust technology and solid build, it can be sure that the C&D plant will deliver the required throughput and recovery targets. The plant diverts C&D waste from landfill, separating it into materials such as wood, metal, clean stone, paper, card, plasterboard, and plastic at the lowest possible operating cost. We also offer solutions with the capability to effectively treat and fine screens which further reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Based on the Client requirements, INVENT UAE also offers automated C&D sorting plants to reduce the labour cost.

Commercial & Industrial Sorting Plant

INVENT UAE offers cost- effective manual sorting ad automated solutions for this wide and varied waste stream for waste generated from trade or business including retail premises, offices, factories, and government buildings. C&I sorting plant can recover materials such as wood, paper, card, HDPE, and metals including aluminum cans. We also offer C&I waste MRFs comprised of the latest technology in shredding, screen, air, magnetic ballistic, optical, and baling. This allows operators to efficiently separate and sort a wide variety of material types with purity and recovery rates up to 98% achievable.

Municipal Solid Waste Refuse Derived Fuel Plant (MSW RDF)

MSW RDF plant diverts Municipal Solid Waste from landfill, recovering recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, card, and metals before baling the light residuals for use as a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Municipal Solid Waste Solid Recovered Fuel Plants (MSW SRF)

MSW SRF plant diverts Municipal Solid Waste from landfill, recovering metal, removing contaminants, drying, and shredding materials of high calorific value to produce a high specification Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

Compact Material Recovery Facility

The Compact Range of MRFs provides an alternative to traditional ways of processing waste. Designed for the small to medium waste processing operator or mobile contractor, certain modular components can be selected and set up within hours - giving all the benefits of a high performance. The initial range includes a Feeder Trommel, Picking Station and Density Separator.

With the added advantage of mobility, this should also be of interest to mobile contractors or anyone working at a site on a temporary license. This plant can be ready to work within a few hours of the equipment arriving on site. No cranes are required during set-up. The plant has the capability of processing up to 150m3 per hour. This is best suited for sites:

  • Space may be at a premium
  • There is limited infrastructure
  • There is no direct power supply.

Compost Equipment

INVENT UAE has brought to the MENA region the best solution and equipment for organic, green, and domestic waste management. Our partners’ equipment will convert organic substances into stabile plant compatible humus and produce a high-quality product within a short rotting period and with reduced emissions.

Organic Waste Section Equipment

This innovative equipment is the perfect solution to achieve more efficient waste management operations and created for commercial applications ranging from hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, and schools. This innovative technology allows users to dispose the organic waste on site.

This outstanding technology will provide the following benefits:

  • Save on disposal charges.
  • Avoid unpleasant odor from stored organic food & improve hygiene standards.
  • Produce extra revenue streams coming from sales of the machines’ output.
  • Save on space dedicated to store food waste & increase sustainability of the business.

Mobile Recycling Station

This equipment is a complete recycling plant in one selfcontained mobile unit with its own diesel gene set.


  • Ability to fines screen, recover lights and recyclables, clean hardcore and recover metals in one unit.
  • Single transport movement compared to other mobile options.
  • Can be in sites where space is at a premium.

Mobile Sorting or Picking Station

It is designed for contractors or operators that requires fast on-site and on the road mobility to efficiently conduct the waste processing and recycling operations to accommodate demand. It enables clients to:

  • Benefit from a valuable, clean product at source.
  • Maximize the value of recoverable products whilst reducing the amount of material going to landfill
  • Enjoy class leading levels of setup, operator comfort and safety in any environment.

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Equipment

A facility where recyclable municipal solid waste is processed and separated using manual and/or mechanical methods. The recovered materials may include paper, glass, plastics, and metals, which are baled, temporarily stored, and eventually sold to recycling or manufacturing firms.

INVENT UAE serves the solid waste management industry by providing a variety of equipment used in solid waste sorting and processing plants. Customized to meet clients’ requirements.