Odour Control Units


Invent UAE is a licensed supplier of odor control units for controlling odor emission from municipal and industrial processes. We deal with energy efficient odor control systems that are low maintenance and easy to operate.

Biological Adsorbers/ Bio-trickling filters

The biological process helps with the degradation of pollutants and convert it into water and carbon dioxide. The filter is a combination of biofilter and bio-scrubber that are excellent for removing odor from the circulating liquid.

Carbon Adsorbers

The Carbon Adsorbers used different types of media Coconut shell based, Carbon media impregnated with acid, potassium permanganate on Alumina Media, Media Impregnated with Caustic and high humidity activated carbon media) to remove odor as well as H2S or VOC’s.

Bio-trickling Filter + Carbon

The Biotrickling filter + carbon offers total odor control with combination of both biological adsorber (Bioscrubber/Biotrickling) and activated carbon method. The activated carbon acts as a good adsorber in both cold weather and high humidity environment.


The Degasifier is known to remove gases as well as pollutants from the water flowing through the unit. As the water moves through the packed media, it allows the water to form a thin film over the entire surface area of the tower. It allows odor producing gases like hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane to escape.

Chemical Scrubbers

The Chemical Scrubbers are used to remove odorous compounds. The chemicals used in the system help in binding to the odorous compounds and hence prevent the release of these compounds in the atmosphere.