Packaged Plants


INVENT UAE specializes in providing prefabricated and packaged for advanced wastewater treatment. It is a pre-manufactured plant which can be custom designed as per the required specifications. We take pride in supplying industries, businesses, or clients with MBR and MBBR system based packaged plants with the capacity to produce high quality reusable water.

Compact Membrane Bioreactor

This bioreactor is a compact packaged plant for wastewater treatment with the help of membrane filtration process. It combines the membrane process like ultrafiltration or microfiltration for treatment of biological wastewater using the activated sludge process. It consists of two or three membrane modules arranged in vertical form. As the wastewater is pumped through it, it significantly reduces the sludge clogging along the membrane surface due to constant diffusion of air from beneath. The membrane pore size is customized to remove coliform bacteria, pathogens, helminth eggs, cysts etc. and recycles clean water.

Advantages of Compact MBR Plants

  • The MBR Packaged plant is cost efficient and effectively reduces footprint. It requires less space for setting up.
  • It provides a high-quality water effluent which is free of pathogenic microbes and can be used for horticulture.
  • It is a compact design with less space requirement and the unit is easy to set up.
  • Low maintenance, compact design, and incorporation of membrane filters to remove nitrogen and phosphorus using anoxic or aerobic treatment.